Server Workstation Differences

There are two comps files in each directory, they have the same group information but differ in package requirements. The reason for this is unclear.

[thomas@soms002 comps]$ grep -A1 "<group>" Workstation.xml  |grep "<id>" |cut -d'>' -f2 |cut -d "<" -f1 |sort  >Workstation.groups
[thomas@soms002 comps]$ grep -A1 "<group>" Workstation2.xml  |grep "<id>" |cut -d'>' -f2 |cut -d "<" -f1 |sort  >Workstation2.groups
[thomas@soms002 comps]$ diff Workstation.groups Workstation2.groups 
[thomas@soms002 comps]$ ls -l Workstation*groups
-rw-rw-r--. 1 thomas thomas 3150 Aug 30 09:50 Workstation2.groups
-rw-rw-r--. 1 thomas thomas 3150 Aug 30 09:50 Workstation.groups

Server (17383ebf7c6cded9264a0da58e8e33f7ae2d6f3c718ee9492096a7c983deb6ce-comps-rhel6-Server.xml) has internet-applications and office-suite in one but not the other (17ee0bc9207c7f8519d54b65bcccfe1fd39fa7a25e9ff9695bc197d0c60bf84d-comps-rhel6-Server.xml)

[thomas@soms002 comps]$ grep packagereq Server.xml  |cut -d '>' -f2|cut -d '<' -f 1 |sort >Server.packages
[thomas@soms002 comps]$ grep packagereq Server2.xml  |cut -d '>' -f2|cut -d '<' -f 1 |sort >Server2.packages
[thomas@soms002 comps]$ grep -F -v -f Server2.packages Server.packages >Server.missing
[thomas@soms002 comps]$ grep -F -v -f Workstation2.packages Workstation.packages >Workstation.missing

packagereq differences attached below...

  • ClusteredStorage - no differences.
  • HighAvailability - no differences.
  • LargeFileSystem - xfsdump xfsprogs
  • LoadBalance - no differences.

Server has these two groups that do not exist in Workstation

  • backup-server
  • print-server

These only have one or two groups each.

  • ClusteredStorage - clustered-storage
  • HighAvailability - ha, ha-management
  • LargeFileSystem - large-file-systems
  • LoadBalance - load-balancing
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