Download rpms from redhat using download script

from vw:
sudo su - distrib

This will download the rpms and show a list of rpms that are to be built. Build the rpms using the build script (easiest)

from vw as yourself:
build /path/to/downloaded/rpm /path/to/next/rpm /more/rpms

This will place the RPMS in /data/done-local[56]/staging-signing

You next need to sign the rpms

sudo su - signing
rpm --addsign /data/done-local[56]/staging-signing/somethingsomething.rpm

RPMs need to be signed on the appropriate system. Springdale 5 should use cc, Springdale 6 should use jetta.

After signing the rpms, you need to merge them.

sudo su - distrib
cp /data/done-local6/staging-signing/somethingsomething.rpm  /data/done-local6/staging

if all looks good -a -r

This should rebuild the yum repos, if all goes well, you need to sync the changes to the repo server (lowrie)

So, from vw:


That will push the changes to

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