rpm -qp --qf '%{sourcerpm}\n' i386/* i686/* | sort | uniq > rpms.i386
rpm -qp --qf '%{sourcerpm}\n' x86_64/* | sort | uniq > rpms.x86_64
  • To check if there are rpms in a repo coming from different version of src.rpm:
    rpm -qp --qf '%{sourcerpm}\n' * | sort|uniq | awk -F- 'BEGIN {OFS="-"} {NF=NF-2; print $0}' | uniq -d


find . -name \*.rpm -exec rpm -qp --qf '%{sourcerpm}\n' '{}' \; | sort|uniq | awk -F- 'BEGIN {OFS="-"} {NF=NF-2; print $0}' | uniq -d
  • To check for obsoletes:
    	rpm --obsoletes -qp *| perl -pi -e 's|\(none\)||g' | sort | uniq > /tmp/obsoletes.txt
    remove all comparisons from above - ends up in /tmp/obsoletes.txt-3
    	ls *rpm | sort > /tmp/a.txt
    	for i in `cat /tmp/obsoletes.txt-3`; do grep "^$i$" /tmp/a.txt ; done|sort|uniq
  • to make sure all the debuginfo are there and only those that need to be
    find i386 -name \*.rpm -exec rpm -qp --qf '%{sourcerpm}\n' '{}' \; |sort|uniq > /tmp/src.rpm-i386
    find x86_64 -name \*.rpm -exec rpm -qp --qf '%{sourcerpm}\n' '{}' \; |sort|uniq > /tmp/src.rpm-x86_64

then compare them - should be pretty similar with very few differences

diff -urN /tmp/src.rpm*
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