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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#159 missing packages thomas enhancement critical Desktop 7.0 (Verona)
#28 64-bit Thunderbird doesn't search for 64-bit plugins. thomas bug major Desktop 6.0 (Pisa)
#50 nfs-utils-1.2.3-15 rebuild problem thomas bug major Server 6.1 (Pisa)
#55 ply_pixel_buffer.c:621 thomas bug major Desktop 6.1 (Pisa)
#56 conflict with EPEL repository libmatroska thomas bug major Desktop 6.1 (Pisa)
#57 We are offering download mirror thomas enhancement major Desktop 6.1 (Pisa)
#88 Installation problem with fresh Python 2.7 RPM from "Computational" thomas bug major Server
#196 Gnome Log out and Power off thomas bug major Desktop 7.0 (Verona)
#270 php 5.6 thomas enhancement major Desktop
#271 inn-libs-2.5.2-4.puias6.x86_64.rpm segfault in thomas bug major Desktop 6.5 (Pisa)
#272 Springdale 7 boot.iso does not install thomas bug major Desktop 7.0 (Verona)
#273 python3-sympy installation problem thomas bug major Desktop 6.5 (Pisa)
#276 Ticket #275 Looks Fixed (Puias 6.8 Yum update broken) thomas bug major Desktop 6.5 (Pisa)
#279 repomd.xml not found for Springdale 7.7 thomas bug major Desktop 7.5 (Verona)
#280 RPM files not found for 6.10 thomas bug major Desktop 6.10 (Pisa)
#281 Springdale rsync gone from mirrors thomas bug major Server
#289 New mirror in china thomas task major Server 7.5 (Verona)
#30 cups-pk-helper.i686 missing from repo DB for x86_64 thomas bug minor Desktop 6.0 (Pisa)
#278 devtoolset-7-7.1 is missing thomas enhancement minor Desktop 6.5 (Pisa)
#89 repository RPMs missing thomas bug trivial Server 6.3 (Pisa)
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