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php 5.6

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I've installed Httpd 2.4 on CentOS , using your repo (

also I tried installing PHP 5.5 also, and these two works well together.

but I need to use PHP 5.6 which is not in packages in your repository,
I tried other repositories, only "Webtatic" has php 5.6
but because I installed Apache 2.4 in "/opt/rh/httpd/..."
I can not install php 5.6 to work with Apache.
I also tried to move to "/opt/rh/..." and introduce it to Apache httpd.conf file, but it give me a syntax error because of apache2.4 new api.

is there any way to install Apach2.4 with PHP 5.6 together using Yum
, not compiling from source...?

OS: CentOS 6.5 i386

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